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The artisanal water filtration system cleverly crafted to match your good taste.

Among the vast array of Reverse Osmosis systems available, Modit's offerings stand out. We've meticulously calibrated numerous factors to craft a system that provides an unparalleled drinking water experience. Our waterwise Permeate-to-Brine ratio of 2:3, combined with an impressive 80% reduction in generic 'Flush' water usage, is a testament to our commitment to innovation, excellence, and efficiency.

Our system comprehensively treats water from start to finish. It begins by purifying and stabilising the water through remineralisation with Calcium and Magnesium. Next, it alkalises whilst introducing hydrogen before finally passing through a coconut carbon filter, ensuring a refreshingly crisp taste.



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PO Box 2273, Malaga 6944, Perth, Western Australia

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