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Plumbing Legislation

Before proceeding with installation in your state, it is imperative to confirm the relevant legislation. In Australia, it is legal for individuals to replace filters for servicing.

In Western Australia (WA), the installation of this equipment falls into a regulatory grey area. The Department of Energy has indicated that a proposal is being reviewed for approval to clarify this. Once finalised, this information will be accessible as a Technical note on the Building and Energy website. This note will clarify that installing a "Water-using Appliance" after an isolation tap and draining to a trap does not necessarily require a licensed plumber—similar to a dishwasher or washing machine.

While our system is crafted from components that meet stringent standards such as CE-marked, WaterMark, NSF and FDA certifications, the system is not Watermark certified due to excessive costs for small business. If you intend to engage a plumber for installation, verify the compatibility of our system with the plumber before making a purchase. 

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