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Water Parameters
RO system

Reverse Osmosis Water System

Removes 95~98% TDS, remineralised with Calcium and Magnesium, Hydrogen rich, taste and odour reduction with Magnetic treatment.

15~100 PPM dependent on supply water


pH 9.5

Alkalinity ~40 PPM

ORP -254mV

Standard 10A power point required

50W whilst operating, less than 1W standby.

Produces 16 litres of water per hour.

TCO - 5 year usage using 11L per day equates to 16c per Litre.

Own FilterSystem
Own RO system module
Gauge TDS own RO
Gauge pH Own RO
Gauge Alk Own RO
Gauge ORP Own RO

Remineralisation for your Own existing RO System

For use post your own RO system.

Remineralises with Calcium and Magnesium, Hydrogen rich, taste and odour reduction.

TDS dependent on supply water


pH 9.5

Alkalinity ~40 PPM

ORP -250mV

Supplied by RO water with

TDS 40PPM, pH 6.2, Alkalinity ~20PPM, ORP 290mV

Gauge TDS RO raw Tap
Gauge pH RO raw Tap
Gauge Alk RO raw Tap
Gauge ORP RO raw Tap

Supply rate dependent on your filtration system fitted, max 2.8 Litres Per Minute.

Equates to ~6c per Litre.

Raw RO wate

Our water system is meticulously designed to empower users with ease of maintenance, thereby reducing service costs typically associated with professional interventions. The system is discreetly mounted beneath the countertop, necessitating a small aperture in either the sink or countertop for faucet installation, a standard 10A power outlet (with power consumption under 50 Watts during operation and less than 1 Watt in standby mode), connection to the mains/scheme water supply, and drainage to waste, typically linked to the kitchen sink plumbing. Alternatively, wastewater can be collected and repurposed for gardening or other applications.

Filter System ro water system produces hydrogen rich ro water, waterwise reverse osmosis

Amidst the plethora of measurable water parameters, our focus lies on Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – encompassing both beneficial and harmful inorganic and organic minerals and elements in the water, Potential of Hydrogen (pH) – indicating the water's acidity level, Total Alkalinity – reflecting the water's capacity to resist pH changes, and Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) – denoting the water's ability to donate or accept electrons, indicative of its corrosiveness (also known as Redox). These parameters offer a comprehensive insight into crucial aspects of quality drinking water. To facilitate comparison with the input supply water, meters are featured to display these values, enabling users to monitor the treated water's quality effectively.

Gauge Scale Key

The provided results are derived from the Filtration System operating with Perth (Ballajura) scheme water, exhibiting the following values: TDS 403PPM, pH 7.3, Alkalinity approximately 60PPM, and ORP 632mV.

While various Reverse Osmosis systems may yield 1 litre of product water by utilising anywhere from 4 to even 10 litres of brine, our system employs a Waterwise Permeate-to-Brine (P:B) ratio of 2:3, meticulously crafted to minimise wastage. Additionally, we have implemented forefront solutions to reduce generic 'Flush' water usage by an impressive 80%.

Despite our concerted efforts to offer a diverse spectrum of systems tailored to suit different budgets, residential settings, and energy-saving preferences, inherent trade-offs and complexities have rendered it unfeasible to deliver systems that reliably match the standards we aspire to uphold.



Gauge TDS scale
Gauge pH scale
Gauge Alk scale
Gauge ORP scale
Gauge Scale Key
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