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Modit specialises in identifying anomalies in mechanical & electrical products or systems and offering efficient, practical solutions often unavailable elsewhere. Our passion for excellence drives us to achieve specific targets, even when the sought after solution isn't readily accessible. Through our "Mod(ify)-it" approach, we tailor solutions to meet particular requirements. Other solutions are highly customised, exclusive, or not widely marketable.
One of our flagship creations is the highly-tuned drinking water RO system, meticulously designed to specific requirements that can't be found off the shelf. Our commitment is to provide you with a waterwise, cost effective, high quality water filtration system that you can easily install and maintain yourself. Our product is engineered to deliver clean, revitalising, and safe drinking water on tap. Everyone deserves access to high quality water at negligible cost.
With 13 extensive years of field experience in the commercial application of Reverse Osmosis systems, we have come to understand the importance of a tailored approach. We recognise the significance of post-RO remineralisation and the need for water usage reduction in the Reverse Osmosis process. We know that each water application requires specific parameter values for optimal performance, whether it's for drinking, coffee brewing, cleaning, or other purposes. For instance, the ideal water parameters for brewing coffee are different from those for general drinking water, ensuring the best extraction and equipment longevity.
Our system traces its origins back to a journey sparked by personal curiosity. Initially developed for personal use, it quickly gained widespread acclaim due to its exceptional performance. However, its custom-tuned nature made it inaccessible for purchase. Recognising the demand, we're seizing the opportunity to make this outstanding system available to everyone.

About Modit RO water Filtration 

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