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RO Storage Tanks

Reverse Osmosis systems require a storage tank to accumulate water for immediate use. The RO process operates relatively slowly, producing just over 4 millilitres per second.


It is crucial to select an appropriate-sized storage tank. The tank's volume represents the instantaneously available water on hand, refilling at 16 litres per hour, or approximately 2.5 litres every 10 minutes. In most cases, a 4-litre tank suffices.


To determine the suitable tank size, consider the maximum volume of water intended to be used within 30 minutes and the available space for tank storage. Let's assume a requirement of 3 litres every 30 minutes. In this scenario, the minimum size tank required would be the 4-litre tank.


If a refilling time exceeding 16 litres per hour is necessary, factor in the 16-litre-per-hour refilling rate when determining the appropriate tank size. Should you require clarification or advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

Here are some examples:



  • If you need to fill a 2-litre water bottle four times daily, opt for a 4-litre storage tank.

  • Requiring 4 litres at once every 30 minutes necessitates a 4-litre storage tank.

  • For a demand of 6 litres at once every 30 minutes, a 6-litre storage tank is suitable.

  • A demand for 8 litres once every 30 minutes would require a 9-litre storage tank.

  • For a demand of 16 litres at once every hour, consider using two 9-litre storage tanks, totalling 18 litres.

  • Requiring 30 litres in 15 minutes every 2 hours calls for a 30-litre storage tank.

  • A need for 45 litres in 30 minutes every 3 hours would necessitate a 40-litre storage tank.

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