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A water catchment tray featuring a latching shut-off valve is ingeniously controlled by a material disc that expands upon contact with water, promptly triggering the valve's closure.


Every component of our RO system undergoes meticulous selection and construction processes, utilising premium grade materials and rigorous quality control measures. However, like any product, occasional failures may arise, warranting consideration when employing any water apparatus.


Preemptive measures can be implemented to mitigate potential damage in the unlikely event of a water leak. Should the tray detect water, it automatically initiates the shutdown of the system's water supply, as clearly outlined in the accompanying manual.


While this solution offers substantial protection, it's essential to acknowledge its partial failsafe nature. To further fortify against potential water leaks, we recommend installing the water system within a dedicated cupboard outfitted with a metal tray floor and plumbed-in drain for added security and peace of mind.

Leak Shutoff tray


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